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In honour of the tech revolution in our love lives, here are the top 10 dating apps of 2016. Tinder Dating App We’d call Tinder the “original gangsta” of dating apps, but that’s not giving credit where credit is due.

After all, Tinder was originally just Grindr for straight people.

Happn Dating App A good reference for the Happn app is Craigslist missed connections but sans the creep factor.

Picture you saw some cutie in the supermarket but didn’t have the courage to make a move.

Rather than leaving the first time you meet someone to chance, How About We has you describe the kind of first date you’d like to go on.

Whether it’s coffee, food, or something totally whack (no judgements here), users can see this then message and act accordingly. Do you agree with Vv Magazine’s list of the top 10 dating apps of 2016? Or have you tried any of the next-wave of Tinder-inspired apps like Hinge, Coffee Meets Bagel, Bumble, or Feeld?

These days, the “swipe right if you like” ease of the dating app has made it a go-to for the gay community as well — here in Toronto, Grindr is now considered more of a hookup app, whereas Tinder is more for gays looking for more serious relationships.

Call it sleazy if you’re still a non-convert, but we know a ton of people who met their current beau on Tinder, and a ton of people who use it just to get down and dirty. Bumble Dating App Former Tinder employee Whitney Wolfe has teamed up with two other early Tinder employees, Chris Gulczynski and Sarah Mick, to launch Bumble.

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Each day at noon, the app sends you a potential match, and you either decide to pursue the love interest or pass.Based off the questions, a percentile score is created that reflects your “compatibility”.The only downfall is some users don’t answer every question, so we’d suggest using your compatibility score as a benchmark.Dating App’s old mobile app used to be almost identical to the website in both look and practice.When updating the mobile dating app some years ago, decided to use something different than the algorithms it uses on the site to generate potential love interests for users accessing profiles on their mobile devices.The dating app is a lot like Tinder (surprise, surprise), but it gives females 24 hours to start a conversation with male matches — leaving the women in charge of initiating the first move.

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