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com, across South Africa, the UK, US, Australia and Canada, most of the narratives are from people she counselled.Wasserman will be on Carte Blanche next Sunday and will be conducting a book tour in South Africa next month and a global promotional tour in Canada, the US and Australia following this.Once she delved into the topic of online infidelity, however, she was hooked.“When the site launched in South Africa in July 2012, I was very opposed to them and took them on in the media, on radio and in print,” said Wasserman.The betrayed woman can get printouts of your Whats App messages, and suddenly she knows you’ve spoken to your online lover 300 times in two days when the two of you barely talk any more.“ While the quantitative data the book comes from surveys she administered into the database of Ashleymadison.

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The magazine features a story on the naughty kinds of games we're talking about: realistic multiplayer virtual-sex games, some with the ability to connect conjunctive sex toys to your computer.A large number of female respondents - 76.3 percent - had cybersex with their new online partners, and 20.2 percent said they formed an emotional connection with the men they met online.About 21 percent of South African women were likely to take an online relationship into real sex between one and five days after hooking up with an online partner, with a further 27.9 percent meeting offline between 6 and 14 days after the first chat.Wasserman’s latest book, Cyber Infidelity: The New Seduction, is set to turn many of our ideas of marriage and sexual behaviour on their head.The book is based on two years’ research into the database of Ashley, a Canadian-based website with a membership of more than 35.5 million people in 46 countries, and 295 000 in South Africa.Have an affair.” Wasserman decided to research the effect of online sex when she realised there was no authoritative data on the topic.

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