Fat girls chat


Kris shares their story of being openly transgender and Jenny of just coming out as bi to her very conservative Mormon husband.

You can follow Jenny on Twitter @jenndola Follow Kris @krisis86 Since recording this Kris has started a Go Fund Me for their top surgery!

I'm a size 16 and the largest girl in my flat and recently put weight on in uni, so feeling even larger. Go on it, but let her down gently that she's too big for you / not your type however you want to word it?

I've just taken my measurements now and they are as follows (all in inches) Bust: 43" Waist: 37" Hips: 45" Upper thighs: 28" Upper arms: 13.5" Wrists: 7" What would you do in this situation, when she is approaching you? I'm just worried he is going to run a mile when he sees me or just think, what mess have I got myself into, she may eat me.

She tells us about her love of traveling and how she wants to share her adventures and that of other fat women around the world.

Marie shares with us how she started The Curvy Fashionista (TCF) 10 years ago and how it’s transformed. So I've been talking to this guy recently and he has agreed that he wants to meet me.He's obviously seen my photos however they are only from the shoulders and up, no lower body etc. He looks like he cares about his fitness, has a six pack, broad shoulders etc.The mother’s side of the conversation went like this: “Oh, I was so eating any carbs today.I feel as big as a house.” I wanted to hand the daughter my business card right then and there!Over the past few years, Dublin-born Stephen Farrelly has taken the world by storm in the gargantuan shape of his snow white-tanned, flaming red-haired, Celtic warrior wrestling alter-ego, Sheamus.

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