Exchange 2016 out of office not updating


If you are not in an Exchange environment, your ISP might provide Out of Office functionality in the web based mailbox (ask your ISP for the web address to check your mail via a browser if you do not know this).

How to enable this depends on which Outlook version that you are using and which mail account type that you are using.The version of Outlook installed on the desktops that your clients use may very well drive your migration timeline.Outlook 20 cannot connect to Exchange Server 2016, namely due to the Autodiscover service that changes how it responds to client requests in 2016 in a way that these older versions of Outlook do not currently understand.The migration to Exchange 2016 presents a great opportunity to consolidate some of the namespaces your company is using—that is, the domain names that you currently have in place for your users to access Exchange via Outlook’s remote procedure call (RPC) over HTTP functionality, Outlook Web App (OWA), the Exchange Control Panel, connections for smartphones, tablets, and newer versions of Outlook through Active Sync, apps and extensions that interface with Exchange through Exchange Web Services (EWS), the Offline Address Book (OAB), and the Autodiscover service that helps clients automatically connect to Exchange without a bunch of confusing configuration information being required up front.Many smaller organizations combine all of those particular services under one “” domain, but larger organizations, especially those that have grown up among a number of Exchange versions, might have them split apart.Auto Reply Manager allows you to easily define and send auto email replies right from your desktop, notifying your contacts that you are away, confirming incoming email messages or simply sending custom email templates.

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