Diablo 3 setup stuck at updating setup files

Separately, they are dangerous, together they are deadly, put them in the body of a jinchuriki with the strongest tailed beast, you put your head between your knees and kiss your ass goodbye.

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Exe from this folder before it restarts itself in task manager (A DOS window will appear, let it run all the way, it will close itself) Once it finishes, the Launcher will die. Note, I ran Agent.524 first, not sure if that is a pertinent step or not, if it is, insert it before Agent.868. After trying all of the options posted to no avail, I started fiddling with it myself. But as the shadow once again crawls across our world... I tried everything, from killing Agent.exe, renaming it, deleting folder, and I still can't get it to start.I remember reading something before about some agents or something a while back but can't find the threads and not sure if that's my problem. well i havnt really encountered that problem once i started it in admin mode. Maybe there is some feedback to be found on the tech forums on offical d3 forums.But im rather lazy atm so cba looking it up for you! After trying all of the options posted to no avail, I started fiddling with it myself.A Flash of Steel: The Jinton, the ability to grant one tremendous speed virtually impossible for the eye to see and the swiftness to evade all incoming attacks.The Koton, the ability to increase defensive and offensive capabilities to their utmost peak. I'm reinstalling Mo P Beta and it gets stuck about 25% of the way throught updating setup files. I've deleted the folders, all traces of it on my computer, closed the update agent, did the internet explorer thing (even though i use firefox) And i dont have Mo P beta folder so i cant change anything in there.

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