Desnudas chicas


We are a group of beautiful ladies who love to read…naked. Once you experience it, you’ll stop asking so many questions and just let the concept take you.

But you don’t have to look for something larger here; something pretentious or even seedy. Because people can’t seem to accept its simplicity.

Elle writer Mickey Rapkin said that "[Mann] owns the second half of 2009's Funny People, where her character does the most unlikely thing a woman can do in a major studio picture: has an affair with an ex-boyfriend on a whim." The film premiered at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival and upon release was met with critical acclaim including a nomination for a 2011 Broadcast Film Critics Association Award in the category of "Best Comedy".

An early response on Mann's performance from Elle Magazine states that "[she] doesn't just walk off with scenes—she steals the show".

In 2013, Mann appeared in Sofia Coppola's The Bling Ring, with Emma Watson.

I'm a young single model looking to meet new people (and yes I'm bisexual if you were wondering).

Talk to me and don't forget to 1 your favorite photos so I can post more like it! Add me to your circles if you like beautiful girls in the best swimsuit bikinis, lingerie, and hot new fashion trends.

Inspired by actual events, the film follows a group of fame-obsessed L. teenagers who burgled celebrity homes by tracking their whereabouts on the internet.

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