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Their engagement lasted 13 years, most of that because they decided to wait until the kids were through with college.

Don had thoughts of a very small wedding at a riverfront B&B, and since this was his first wedding, he thought he should have it his way. Then last spring, Phyllis had an idea: "How about we get married at the racetrack?

You see, neither Camille nor Jacob are hopeless romantics, and like to think everything out before jumping in.

After four months of being close friends Jacob finally asked Camille on their first date- Mexican food and watching Michael Jackson’s This Is It. It still took a few more months to figure life out.

" Phyllis works in the IT department at Gartner Inc.

When they met, Don was an instrument technician at Mobil Research & Development Corp.

Feeling ignored, she turned to find a tall skinny boy with the cutest smile she’d ever seen making a witty comment to match her witty comment.

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Many guests came early to watch Don in a qualifying race - he took second.They soon found out Camille would be starting school and attending a single’s church where Jacob attended.We’d love to say that was that- but it took a while.Camille answered back a few months in with some activities as well.Before they knew it, Camille had been through almost two years of an MBA program and was applying for jobs.But after retiring in 2000, Don decided to find a job that felt like play. He loved Phyllis' idea, and was willing to have a bigger wedding as a compromise.

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