Dating traditions in different cultures

During this time, they are encouraged to enjoy whatever pleasures they like, be that modern clothing or alcohol.

The purpose of this period is to allow Amish youth the opportunity to see and experience the world beyond their culture and upbringing.

Immediately following the mass is a fiesta where friends and family eat and dance.5.

American Coming of Age Tradition: Sweet 16While less rooted in tradition, the 16th birthday is nonetheless an important one for American youth, as it marks the time when they are legally permitted to drive a car (and with driving comes big-time freedom).

Nowadays, however, this tradition has been extended to young girls as well, as “outcamps” are established away from the community in order for traditional skills to be passed down and practiced by the young men and women.Embarassing or amazing, they were pivotal moments in our lives that deserve remembering.On that note, here are thirteen of it the world’s most diverse coming of age traditions.But the age at which this happens, and how a child celebrates their rite of passage into adolescence, depends entirely on where they live and what culture they grow up in.Looking back, we'll never forget the majesty that was prom, or the excitement of hitting the dance floor at our friends' co-ed Bar and Bat Mitzvah parties, and why should we?In the Brazilian Amazon, young boys belonging to the indigenous Sateré-Mawé tribe mark their coming of age when they turn 13 in a Bullet and Ant Initiation.

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