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For more information, please visit the Clay Hunt webpage.These Combat Veterans are not required to provide their income for care related to their service in the theater of operations; however, they may complete the financial assessment to determine their eligibility for a higher priority status in the VA health care system, eligibility for beneficiary travel benefits, or for cost-free care for treatment not related to their military service.Veterans Included in the Income Verification Process VA does not verify all enrolled Veterans’ income.Only Veterans who receive free medical care and/or medications based on their self-reported household income are included in the income verification process.A financial assessment is a means of collecting the Veteran’s household income information which is used to determine whether a Veteran is eligible for enrollment and whether or not the Veteran would be required to pay copays for care or prescription medication. There is no change in VA’s long-standing policy to provide no-cost care to Veterans who cannot afford to pay for their care, Veterans with catastrophic medical conditions, Veterans with a disability rating of 50 percent or higher, or for conditions that are officially rated as “service-connected.” Veterans Required to Provide a Financial Assessment Not all Veterans are required to provide their income information to VA when applying for enrollment.Only certain Veterans who do not have a VA-rated service connected disability, who do not receive a VA pension payment or have a special eligibility, such as a recently discharged Combat Veteran or a Purple Heart recipient, must provide their gross household income (which includes spouse/partner and dependent children, if applicable) for the previous year when applying for enrollment for VA health care.

Compensable service-connected, former POW, Combat Veterans, served in the Republic of Vietnam, service during certain periods in Southwest Asia) the Veteran’s enrollment may be denied based on the enrollment restriction.

This form is available online at https:// Updates from IRS and SSA VA securely receives income information from the IRS and SSA to confirm Veterans’ continued enrollment eligibility.

VA will contact the Veteran (and spouse/partner and dependents, if applicable) only if the income information received from IRS and SSA indicates a change in the Veteran’s eligibility or copay requirements.

Information from IRS and SSA If the information received from IRS and SSA may result in a change in the Veteran’s eligibility or copay requirement, VA will notify the Veteran and give the Veteran an opportunity to provide input.

For more information about the income verification process, see the “Income Verification” section below.

This means Veterans can enjoy their VA health care benefits without worrying about having to submit updated income information to VA every year.

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