Dating reportcard


Report Cards Plus is fully integrated with the Teacher Plus Gradebook and Plus Portals for parents and students.Teachers use the web gradebook to enter grades, and the data flows seamlessly to the registrar to generate report cards.Remind your child that no one is perfect Was there a time when you failed? Did you ever feel like your parents were disappointed in you? Let your little one know that you know what it’s like to feel alone.

Focus on the good For some parents, an easy response to a bad report card is, “I can’t believe your grades are so bad” or “What were you thinking?

When your youngster brings home a report card, it’s natural to hope that your little one’s grades are good.

Unfortunately, for many families, this isn’t the reality.

” Remember that for children, a report card can be incredibly intimidating and scary.

Instead of focusing on one bad grade or even a report card full of grades, try to point out the positive aspects of your child’s report card.

Customize report cards and transcripts with the information, format and overall appearance you choose.

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