Dating remington pocket knives

And, of course, take care of the rest of the routine that all small business owners must do daily.Working for yourself doesn’t necessarily mean that you can do what you want to do, like “go fishing! A light breakfast, some coffee, some business, let’s go; about noon-thirty we were out the door, then bank, post office, then head north from Stillwater.We were at Matt’s about but all their bays were in use so our Chrysler Town and Country couldn’t get the spring inspection we wanted.

I would also like to see an american made club knife for the future.

I think Chinese manufacturing has improved vastly since Buck's first forays into offshore production, so I'm sure this new venture will result in quality products both foreign & domestic.

Personally I applaud Buck for finding a way to stay in business in a hostile business environment, unfortunately staying in business requires them to add imported items to their catalog.

We still had plenty of time to make our 4 PM appointment up north so we continued up Route 9 to Nemer Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram of Saratoga to see a vehicle or two.

Cathy had downloaded a half-dozen offers from various dealers through and she had already spoken to Lindsey at Nemer to look at a 2015 top of the line Chrysler in black, with all the whistles just like what we are driving now but in silver. We travel a lot to our various Gun Shows and I load up the car pretty good with iron in gun cases so we need comfort, performance and room.

Just found out the new Remington Cutlery website is live! Looks like there's been some updates to the older stuff. Anyway I wanted…Continue I like the Remington knives - but they are quite pricey. But they are fun to collect and I really enjoy the ones I have. Does…Continue I have a Remington R16 that is in WAY too good of shape to be what the tang stamp dates it at. I have heard tales that they might have remade these in the 80's, but cannot…Continue Vernon, the resource I always go to is Remington Knives, Past and Present by Ron Stewart and Roy Ritchie. Gus Marsh might possibly have a complete listing also. Bringing new knives to the line is not cheap so I understand that outsourcing that may be the only way to economically do that Thanks Jan for bringing that to my attention.

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