Dating photographs by hairstyle


This full length portrait of a young woman is full of clothing details, from her small hat down to her shoes.

Each part of clothing fits the period prior to World War I. While there is a wealth of detail in the image certain costume clues pinpoint a date better than others.

When dating women’s clothing, there are several key features that assign a time frame: This young woman chose her clothing carefully for what may have been her first grown-up portrait.

She wore a fashionable dress with a high waistline that is gathered with a fabric band and a rosette.

A few well-placed pleats in the bodice and the skirt add interest to the dress.

There is no doubt that this young woman thoughtfully put together this outfit.

Another aspect of a photograph that may draw your attention is the background.You can put a picture to your ancestors and that’s great.But if you do not know who is in them then how can you feel more inspired to learn more about your ancestors?Although you may not be able to tell the year you may be able to approximate a range of years.Furniture is a great way to tell the age of the photograph.Sometimes photographs submitted to this column come with extensive explanations of the images while others are accompanied by a plaintive question for clues to identify the person and time frame.

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