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Maggie's Treasures located in School Room 104A is a "treasure trove" of an eclectic collection of commissioned (by Maggie) pottery, jewelry and funky purses by artisans from California to Florida.

Come in and visit their booth at the Athens Schoolhouse Antique Shows or contact them at [email protected] by and see their booth at the show, contact them at (859) 420-1626Charles & Becky of Lexington, KY have been dealing in Unique and Affordable Antiques for 30 Years. They offer cupboards, pie-safes, dry sinks, stools, quilts, vintage country painted accessories, and that very unique item. Wells has been running one of Woodford County's oldest antique shops for 42 years. James, Harold Yesterday Goodness, owned by Harold James for over 20 years. Just Jo's Antiques and Collectibles, owned by Jo and Paul Stewart, are located in Lexington, Kentucky, 859.338.6101.See their booth at the show or contact them at [email protected] call 859-278-4471 with your questions and antique needs. If glassware is your desire then this is where you need to be. They deal in Mission, American, and Arts and Crafts furniture, pottery, Paul Sawyier prints, stained glass as well as other fine quality furniture and accessories.Great content....................................., 1/4th plate tinttype in a full leather case. One sits on one of the six mules drawing a crib wagon with another black laborer seated on the large high-sided wagon. Cased images of working black laborers are impossible to find today. Rare content................................., [1795], a undated Middlesex halfpenny token, D & H 1037, anti-slavery, 'AM I NOT A MAN AND A BROTHER' chained kneeling slave on obverse, 'MAY SLAVERY & OPPRESSION CEASE THROUGHOUT THE WORLD' clasped hands on reverse PAYABLE IN DUBLIN OR LONDON on edge.These are usually found in much lower condition, sharp details, extremely fine.Inside the case there is an identification showing the child's name as Stephen B. In checking ancestor records there are several Stephen B.

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