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----------------------------------------------------------------------------- MARCH 1985 CONTENTS 2 UNPOWERED FLIGHT There are some good, and unusual, reasons why you might find soaring a self-built sailplane to your advantage; by Dennis Shattuck. 8 NEW PRODUCTS Latest equipment and services to hit the homebuilder marketplace. 4 INTERCOM Readers exchange information with editors in our monthly Q. 12 TWICE AROUND THE PATCH News and views on the wonderful world of aircraft homebuilders. 6 KITPLANES PRODUCT NEWS Good new items for the builder and owner of custombuilt aircraft. 12 TWICE AROUND THE PATCH News and views of what's going on in the wide, wonderful and sometimes slightly wacky world of selfbuilt aircraft; by Dennis Shattuck. 40 WINDROSE IS A WINNER Irv Culler applied all his aerodynamic knowledge to develop a simply elegant solution; by Don Downie. 44 PERFORMANCE CLASSIC Building the HP-] 8 kit is not for those who need step-by-step guidance, but it can be a joy to the experienced metalworker; by Dave Martin. Comfort and Clarity in New Line of Headsets, July, p. 11 Morrow Loran Receives IFR Cenification, Aug., p. Adapt Any Headset for Aircraft Communications, Sept., P. Loran Receiver Fits Standard Instrument Panel, Oct., p. Navigating By Hand[heldl (ICOM, King, STS), Oct., p. 48 THORP'S BIRDS In Thorp's hands, metal becomes a dynamic medium, which molds around powerplant, pilot and payload; by Don Downie. 54 BUILDING THE T-18 Notes from the workbench that will suit your plans to a T-18; by Don Downie. Build-it-Yourself Projects 1987 Build Your Own Hangar, Feb., p.

Crawford outlines some parameters for measuring performance. Ultimate Aircraft Introduces Builder-Assistance Program, Aug., p. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ FEBUARY,1985 2 CHANGES IN THE WIND The lighter end of aircraft design and construction is undergoing many changes; by Dennis Shattuck. 4 INTERCOM Readers write in for answers to questions they have about kitplanes. Firebolt Convertible Joins Ranks of Aerobatic Biplanes, Oct., P. 72 WARBIRD POWER Converting automobile engines to aircraft use seems one of the better ways to get power to a scaled warbird; by Robert 0. 86 ROTORCRAFT FLY-IN Of people and places and flying machines; by Dave Martin. 91 CLASSIFIED BUILDER Readers keep in touch through offering products, services and helpful hints. 96 KITSTUFF Whether you're down in the designer dumps or collapsing in construction clashes, put the grinstuff back on; by cartoonist Robrucha. 28 SAILPLANE SENSIBILITY If you really want to build a sailplane, sign up for the next SSA homebuilders' workshop; by Dave Martin.

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