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Are you sick of looking for something they'll actually like?

Although this sign doesn't offer the words I would choose to express most often, it does a nice job in giving them a hint of what you are thinking.

I like the earrings, and I think my boyfriend actually would like the enema pin. She also could have stated that they are enema bags, but note that she said 'We *consider* them [to be] enema bags'. In this case it was because I felt that the sentence lost some context when quoted. In trying to explain this matter in a non-abrasive or negative manner I may have very well made several mistakes myself.

Which means that although those bags may not be labeled officially as enema bags they are only considered that. Instead of vehemently attacking other people and whether they have a mastery over the English language perhaps it would be better to note the error and propose to look up the information and leave pointers to that information or suggest that the person may want to look up such information themselves and do so in a constructive and caring manner.

Otherwise, it would be almost tongue-tying to repeat the same noun over and over again (also seen in the constant repetition of "the bags") .

Perhaps a clearer example would be to conveyed by the following statements: There is a car.

Ever been so mad at someone that not giving them a gift seems to be an understatement?

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