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Van Epp encourages couples to wait two years before marrying. Van Epp believes that within three to six months you can begin to know someone, but like looking through a microscope at its lowest power, you can only see certain things in that amount of time.Dating someone for an extended period allows you to see certain things that may not become evident right away.There is significant research showing that people learn from experiences and that experiences change people’s beliefs, so it’s no surprise that the experiences of living together change people's beliefs about marriage.Consequently, Stanley and Rhoades believe that the increase in cohabitation, serial cohabitation and premarital cohabitation has led to consistent downward trends in the belief that marriage is special.

Our society finds itself in a complicated reality where a very large portion of the population is choosing to live together before marriage.

Then, consider how it might impact your life and the ones you love.

Perhaps millennials don't need to be convinced to invest in marriage.

They may need more confidence that they can make it work - and that it's worth the effort for the success of generations to come.

Because Jennie met her boyfriend through a co-worker, she felt like she knew something about him.

Large majorities of married, non-married and cohabiting couples believe that having and raising children without being married is fine and that living together before marriage may help prevent divorce.“This notion has had wide acceptance since at the mid-1990s, when three-fifths of high school students believed that, ‘It is usually a good idea for a couple to live together before getting married in order to find out whether they really get along,’” Stanley and Rhoades say.

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