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I didn’t hear much about evolution growing up, but I do clearly remember my youth group leader laughing it off one day: “Yeah, right, like we all really came from apes!

” I chuckled along, because that thought seem crazy. First, it wasn’t even a technically accurate representation of what evolutionists claim.

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Based on the light-hearted handling I had seen from other Christians, I had assumed evolution was an idea that could easily be dismissed.But the word is a group of organisms capable of interbreeding—for example, humans are a species and dogs are a species).This basic concept of evolution isn’t controversial at all.It breaks my heart when I see parents who feel unequipped to dialogue with their kids about evolution and age of the Earth issues.These questions are crucial for parents to be able to discuss with their kids that I devoted 8 of the 40 questions in my book to explaining the scriptural and scientific considerations at stake.” While it’s true that God Post edited to add: Based on multiple requests from readers of this post, I will follow up soon with a new post dedicated to providing resources for learning more about evolution and age of the Earth issues!

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