Dating a diabetic


Of course dating a T1 isn't the same as dating people without. Those needs can be overwhelming to someone without any first hand experience.

However, diabetes is part of you and a constant thing in your life. Remind them that you take care of yourself, and that it isn't like they'll need to do much other than grabbing you a sugary drink or a low every now and then - unless, of course, they want to take a more active role as the relationship progresses!

If you’re on another medication routine then you may have more time and freedom to choose the right moment.

If you inject then it’s a good idea to explain your need to inject at a convenient time as some people may be squeamish about needles.

It may take your date a little time to get used to the idea at first but in most cases your partner will get accommodated with your injection regimes.

We’d like to say, “no, it doesn’t matter” but it can depend on how you manage diabetes and your date’s own feelings towards your diabetes.

It's a must-visit for all us super-sweet females, run by type 1 sisters Sysy and Ana Morales.Personally, I'm extremely cheery when my husband asks me about my diabetes. And now he rights others who once thought as he did. If you're a man dating a girl with diabetes or married to one, recognize that you are probably ignorant about diabetes because you don't have it.That's OK, but now is the time to learn a few things. I always feel like my diabetes messes with my "looks" and as trivial as that is, the feeling is real.Help us find out the truth by suggesting we call the doctor so we can rest easy. Understand that what you've heard in the past about diabetes is often outdated and inaccurate information. Your diabetic girl MUST absolutely take good care of her blood sugars. Your support in this matter is CRUCIAL because you mean a lot to her.Encourage her to check her sugar anytime she feels she should. Never get mad over any incident where her diabetes might seem to be an inconvenience. Instead, support her diabetes management and her feelings about it.It is one of the many ways he expresses his love for me. T1 has become something we share the burden of, and it has made us closer.

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