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Blue Planet has been published in two versions: the first by Biohazard Games, the second under license by Fantasy Flight Games.

The main difference is the game system; the first edition was percentile-based, while the second has a D10 dice pool mechanic.

Anyone can learn any skill, but some people are more specialized.

I don't remember the magic system much, because I've never really used it.

Here are some things of general interest about RPGs: Back to the top of the page or back to Hard SF has been one of my main interests in RPGs for many years now.

I'm not sure why, but I think it's because I like my SF to specifically concern itself with the ways that technology will change our lives in the future, and because I like fiction that doesn't throw believability out the window.

Few other systems even come close to it, in my opinion. There is no carrying capacity or endurance; every character can just carry ten items, regardless of type.The background world for which it was designed is also probably the best around, at least if you're interested in a highly realistic, low-magic setting with excellent detail and atmosphere. Items have a SS requirement; if your SS is enough, it is assumed that you have the resources to pay for and manage the item. It certainly makes inventory easier, though it is occasionally a bit unrealistic. Characters have (on average) two Specializations each, such as Combat, Stealth or Lore.Some of the sites devoted to Hârn on the Net are listed below. ("What do you mean I can't carry a candle in addition to my dagger, ring, hat, earrings, walking stick, backpack, magic gem and 3 pieces of leather armor? Skills are learned more quickly in these specializations, and characters can double up.The tech level definitely puts it in the ranks of hard SF: no FTL, no aliens (well, almost), no artificial gravity -- just realistically projected computers, drives, etc.There are mecha, and they don't really make much sense, but they're easy to ignore.Back to the top of the page or back to So, why RPGs?

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