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For additional information about setting up an FTP site, see Connect to a publishing server.

After you set up an FTP server, click Test to verify connection information.

Passive mode can help resolve FTP issues that firewalls cause, preventing the FTP server from opening a connection to your computer.

When you use Passive mode, the connection is made from your computer to the server instead.

For installation and configuration information for File Zilla or other software, see the product's documentation.

Dreamweaver is unable to connect with certain SFTP servers.

Most home networks do not use hardware firewall or proxy technology.Root directory entries that web hosting service providers typically use: Logging in with another FTP client allows you to determine if the FTP server information is correct.Use any installed FTP client, such as File Zilla, or an online solution.If the option is required, your web hosting service provider provides this information.Try the following configuration options to see if they resolve your connection issues.For additional information on what SFTP servers work with Dreamweaver, see Limitations with website hosting servers using Adobe Contribute and Dreamweaver.

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