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Within minutes, I received an e-mail informing me of the transaction, which is fine.

The following day, the friend I was travelling with needed to pay me a considerable sum and since he didn't have access to his electronic banking system while in the US, he sent the money to me through Pay Pal.If you get a localised version (I get Dutch, despite my preference for English), click the language at the top right and choose "United States" as your region, finally enabling selecting the English language., one of the most famous teen moms EVER has already signed on as her replacement: Bristol Palin!Except of course for having a lot of drama in her life!She broke up with first baby daddy Levi Johnston and is currently divorcing Dakota Meyer as well. Oh, and her mom is Sarah Palin, so that's a whole other minefield!Pay Pal not only inconvenienced me in several ways, but their communication actually contained blatant lies, not to mention the whole thing being drenched in incompetence.

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