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When you're hanging out at a bar, the objective could perhaps be to get her phone number and email address.If you're ringing her phone, the purpose could be to figure out when you're going to see her next.

Whatever you visualize when you think of Alpha Males, the fact is that most men believe that you're either born "Alpha," or you are destined to be a regular, average Nice Guy who has narrow dating options.

You may need to begin spending your free time with some new wingmen, if the guys you usually go out with don't have a healthy level of energy and confidence.

How To Become An Alpha Male, Next Tip: The next piece of advice on being an Alpha Male is that you must stop being wishy-washy, and be decisive instead.

As you expand your network of Alpha wingmen, the social benefits are major. And when you're hanging out with your Alpha buddies in social environments, you automatically have social proof in the eyes of the women.

When girls see you hanging with these guys, it shows that you have high social value.

They simply are not going to give you unlimited amounts of time. YOU want to be the one ending the conversation first, whether it's a conversation at a bar, or a phone call to set up a date.

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