Clgal1000 dating rock

Shur: My song was supposed to be about horny ghosts living in a hotel room Purgatory, but instead the Matchbox man made it about a really hot day.I told the Santana to hold the special guitar, but not to play.It was a picture of Bono sitting on an anthropomorphic giraffe wearing Wu-Wear.It was then I called Ron Thomas and explained I was Carlos Santana.Born in Mexico but based in the Bay Area since grade school, Santana was a natural choice to kick things off with “The Star Spangled Banner” at the...

Santana: When they called our names at the Grammys, I realized that trends come and go, but people will always be horny on a hot day.Shur: I sent Carlos a song I had written called “Room 17,” which is about a motel room crammed full of sex-crazed ghosts who desire forgiveness and cheap orgasms.Santana: The song was good, but, as I said to a man I saw wearing a Big Dogs shirt, “It’s 1999, baby!However, when I finally met them I was not impressed.” I think that’s where that popular lyric came from.” Ghosts haven’t been sexy since the early mid-‘80s.

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