Christian dating warning signs


I believe that prayer is the pulse of the believer’s spiritual life, and if there is no prayer, there is no pulse. No one has perfect parents, of course, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t still try to honor them.Another type of woman who men should not consider dating is one who drinks in excess or has a substance abuse problem.Don't be fooled if you receive a photo of someone who appears fair-skinned and appears to be of European descent.A Nigerian, someone from Ghana, India or Pakistan might be behind the messages.Many have had much success and will continue to have success unless the people on whom they attempt to prey wake up to their subtle, but surely detectable signs of fraud.Nigerian Internet Dating Scams on Christian Web Sites Although Nigerian Internet dating scams are probably the most popular of the fraud committed online, they certainly are not the only danger circulating.What is more is that more and more of these scams are becoming less and less Nigerian.

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If you are considering dating a woman but have never had any inclination that this woman prays, then this could be a sign that she would not be a good match for you. If there is no natural respect or love for her parents, maybe you could ask her why.

There are warning signs that are sometimes present, such as drinking early in the day or taking an inordinate amount of pills, even if they are prescribed.

She may have a valid reason for taking medicine, but if you sense in your heart that something is wrong, ask her why she might be taking certain medications.

Since we are commanded to not be unequally yoked with nonbelievers, then how much more so should a man not even consider dating someone who doesn’t believe (2 Cor )?

A Christian man should never consider dating an unbeliever, just as no woman should ever think about dating a nonbelieving man.

As we point out the things for which honest and legitimate singles should watch, we will specify what things are unique to Christian dating.

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