Christian dating design god

If you commit to follow the progression God has planned for a meaningful dating relationship, you will not be led astray.

But like the betrothal approach to marriage, the wise man built his house to last a lifetime. So when the wind and rain burst against that house, it did not fall, for it had been founded upon the rock Two builders: foolish and wise; two foundations: sand and rock; two outcomes: destruction and stability.Christ’s analogy applies to marriage just as much as to houses.Let’s compare these two building approaches more closely.The world’s concept of engagement is a breakable proposal, but biblical betrothal is a binding promise to marry.At every point God’s design for a male/female relationship is more serious and more guarded because God knows how vulnerable the human heart is.Though they may look alike on the surface, these two practices of relationship building are really very dissimilar at every point and result in radically different outcomes. Biblical Relationships Worldly Biblical Friendship Peer-oriented Family-oriented Dating For pleasure Explore for marriage Engagement Breakable proposal Binding promise Wedding Til divorce/remarry Til death do us part Notice, for example, that the world’s view of youth friendships is peer-oriented whereas the Bible’s view is family-oriented, providing oversight and protection by parents.

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