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The pickup’s Hot input conductor (black) is soldered to the top terminal.

The Hot output conductor from the from the wiper (white) is soldered to the minijack socket’s Hot terminal, and looped to the bottom terminal.

If a DC voltage is applied to a capacitor, current will flow for a short period only, dropping gradually to zero, as the capacitor reaches full charge.

If it’s two terminals are shorted, the capacitor will discharge immediately.

Connecting a capacitor in series with a pickup’s output will reduce or Attenuate the lower frequencies.

Connecting a capacitor in series will Attenuate the upper frequencies, as those high notes are now shorted back to the pickup.

The Centronics pots shown below, used in some transducer pickups, are rated at 0.1 Watts.

Pot manufacturers supplying De Armond included Allen-Bradley, CTS (Chicago Telephone Supply), CRL (Centralab) and Stackpole.This is perceived due to the response of the human ear.Pots are available in a number of curve options, to suit particular applications.‘Stacked’ or twin-gang pots, as in the Dual Volume Pedal 1620.This pedal takes two jack-plug inputs through two electrically separate identical volume pots mounted on a common shaft, working in tandem with two jack-plug outputs. Stereo Volume Pedal 1622, using two electrically separate identical volume pots mounted on a common shaft.One definition of a Capacitor is: The SI unit of electrical capacitance is the Farad.

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