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Though babysitting is a part of modern life, it is important to look back on the changing role of the babysitter.

By studying babysitting, we learn about our own changing society.

In Bermuda and Dominica, the largest of the British Caribbean territories, he was very much a diplomat.

He was unique in British colonial history - the only Governor of three separate places, especially popular in the last two.

Even today, the form of babysitting is still rapidly changing.

Babysitting is still a new field, predominantly American and is a result of the Industrial Revolution.

(It is not clear whether she had any children but the Colonial Society of Massachusetts newsletter number 336 of March 1902 says Governor and Mrs.

Hamilton had one child, Mary Anne Pierpoint, who died unmarried on December 12, 1871).

It takes a village to raise a child, and childcare stretches far back into human history.

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