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Evidence for the Big Bang: NASA, Lawrence Krauss, et al., say it's the theory's predictions.

* The Big Bang's Failed Predictions and Failures to Predict: (Updated May 4, 2018.) As documented below, trust in has been misplaced when compared to the actual astronomical observations that were made, in large part, in hopes of affirming the theory.

The Federal Ministry of Economics & Technology (BMWi) implements national energy policy.

It's contents: Part I: Evidence Against the Big Bang (from

Germany’s electricity production in 2016 was 651 TWh, with demand of 597 TWh and net exports of 54 TWh.

In 2015 wind and solar PV had capacity factors of 20% and 11% respectively, compared with 97% for nuclear (IEA figures).

“Over the last decade, well-intentioned policymakers in Germany and other European countries created renewable energy policies with generous subsidies that have slowly revealed themselves to be unsustainable, resulting in profound, unintended consequences for all industry stakeholders.

Whereas the Social Democratic Party (SPD) had affirmed nuclear power in 1979, in August 1986 it passed a resolution to abandon nuclear power within ten years.

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