Butch fem dating updating the ide drive


(Occasionally, a lesbian who wants to indulge her hetero fantasies.) Bisexual A girl or guy who likes both sexes. Boi A multitude of meanings - a boyish lesbian/a soft butch/an actual boy who associates with queer friends. Drag King A women who dresses to look like a man, often for performance. Dyke Another word for lesbian - sometimes derogatory when used by straight people but reclaimed by the international Dyke March lesbian visibility movement. Identifying traits are often painted nails, make-up and "girly" clothes.

Friendcest The phenomenon of sleeping with several (if not all) of the people in your friend circle. you've slept with your best friend's ex, her ex-girlfriend and her current girlfriend. Gayborhood A habitat where the majority of people are queer - can be a club/pub/café, shops, a town/city e.g. Often identified by rainbow flags adorning the area. The intuitive ability to recognise if another person is gay or not. Feeling like you're both male and female, or indeed, neither. Golden Penis Neanderthals who believe that they can cure a girl of her lesbianism with their golden penis.

The attraction maybe based on your emotional connect, wavelength match, interests etc.

For some the first point in attraction is primarily based on physical aspects- like long/short hair, bust/hip size etc.

The straight world may just see them as close friends and are not put under scrutiny..

Bicurious A straight girl who wants to indulge her lesbian fantasies. Dieseldyke A super masculine lesbian often associated with trucks/heavy machinery/plaid shirts.A femme not so tough looking may be interested in hard core sports like rugby. These are stereotypes and beliefs that even LGBTQ community enforces.Its high time we break these stereotypes derived from hetro-sexual world.In my opinion the emotional aspects or personality traits play much bigger role in attraction between two people.Thats why you may see butch-butch couples or femme-femme couples as much as butch-femme couples.Gold Star A lesbian who has never had sexual relations with a man.

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