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The more diverse the population is, the places and contexts where they interact, and the nature of the information that they are passing back in forth in those interactions, the more there is room for technologies tailored to the idiosyncrasies of those tasks.The potential problem with this, is that it can lead to us having to carry around a collection of devices, each with a distinct purpose, and consequently, a distinct style of interaction.The risk here is a kind of "jack of all trades, master of nothing" compromise.

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Other work can be found in the references to the papers that I do include.And, having made such a lofty claim, I also state clearly that I don't yet understand it all, still get it wrong, and still have people correct me.But on the other hand, the more explicit we can be in terms of specifics, language and meaningful dimensions of differentiation, the bigger the opportunity for such learning to happen. As I stated above, my general rule is that everything is best for something and worst for something else.Rather, what I pointing out is that "new" technologies - including multi-touch - do not grow out of a vacuum.While marketing tends to like the "great invention" story, real innovation rarely works that way.Hopefully some of what I have written here will help. A touch screen display system employing a rear projection display and digital image processing that transforms an otherwise normal sheet of acrylic plastic into a high bandwidth input/output surface suitable for gesture-based interaction.

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