Asia dating review


If you have exchanged a minimum of five letters with someone, you are eligible to use this service.

With thousands of gorgeous Chinese, Vietnamese, Thai and Philippines women to choose from on Asian, it’s not really a surprise that this dating service is one of the largest and most popular ones in Asia.

Until now, the company has developed an impressive network with over 1,000,000 members worldwide, and millions of online visitors per year.

Although the company started as a family business, today it employs more than 300 people in offices located all over the world.

The foolproof anti-scam measures have been developed by a skilled and experienced technical team and the system tracks and monitors all activity on the site.

Any suspicious activity is reported to the anti-scam team who will then conduct a thorough research to identify the source of a potential scam.

Live games, on the other hand, allow you to play a variety of games available with the person that you like on the website.

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