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In 1990, the Americans With Disabilities Act afforded a similar right to people who had been shut out by doors they could not open and stairs they could not climb.For them, fighting for accommodation in bathrooms was central.This can lead to the spectacle of women standing in line for what feels like forever while the men’s room is empty.Now transgender people, most prominently, are asking society to rethink all of this, from signs to design to who gets to enter where.LEARN MORE We strive to deliver the best service to our patients.

Crystalens was developed using the human eye’s natural functions as the standard.But it can also have a compulsory aspect — it’s a word that involves moving over to make room for other people, whether you want to or not.In the 1960s, Congress gave religious people a right to reasonable accommodation at work, like a place to pray, or time off on the Sabbath, or permission to wear a turban or kipa or hijab.Many people viscerally resist the idea of mixing male and female anatomy in multistall bathrooms and locker rooms.In Houston earlier this month, voters rejected a broad equal rights ordinance that protected against discrimination in housing and employment, as well as public spaces, on the basis of several categories, including age and race along with sexual orientation and gender identity.Opponents focused their campaign narrowly, nicknaming the law the ‘‘bathroom ordinance.’’ They created ‘‘No Men in Women’s Bathrooms’’ T-shirts and a TV ad with sinister images of a man threatening a girl in the stalls, successfully playing on voters’ fears.

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