Armory not updating my character


Anyone else having issues with Wo WProgress lately?

armory not updating my character-35armory not updating my character-50

It still shows my old gear as well as my old level on the armory page.

I made a character a few weeks ago and he's currently sitting at level 97 however every time I go to look him up in the armory or use the mobile app to post things to the AH I can't find him anywhere, either on the app or the main site.

so as the title says, is the armory currently not updating? Wife's boosted 90 Monk (now 100) from Wo D launch - still not in Armory, 3 months in Wife's DK alt (now up to 73) that she started 3 weeks ago - in the Armory immediately and updates there every single day Don't even get me started on the wretched poses that half the classes are twisted into there.

It says it adds them to the queue but several days has gone and it won't do anything. One of my chars is about a day since update, other is 2 weeks out of date on there and clicking update does nothing, previously updates would take only seconds but now they tend not to work at all.

It's also missing data like only some Mythic runs actually show up at all, and kill dates for bosses randomly changing, like it showing I've killed a Mythic boss 8 times and the first kill showing as a week ago, rather than 3 months ago.

I am wondering if / when this issue would be resolve or if there is a way to force an armory update.

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