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Yet the same season features great episodes with Peter Dinklage as Marlowe Sawyer, manny to the Mc Namara’s newborn son, Conor.

That said, there are some clunker episodes throughout the series, including: Season 3: Episode 6, "Frankenlaura" Mc Namara/Troy is hurting for business in the wake of Christian being arrested as a possible serial killer.

Season 1: Episode 13, "Escobar Gallardo" Miami gangster Escobar Gallardo (Robert La Sardo) knows a secret about Sean and Christian, and manages to blackmail them into performing a number of breast surgeries on the mules bringing his drugs into the country (that's not an implant—that's heroin).

Season 1: Episode 10, "Adelle Coffin" Sean, ever the dutiful husband and father, has been a bad boy.

He’s fallen in love with a former patient, Megan (Julie Warner), who has just learned that she is dying of cancer.

Like a hipper, and far more stomach-churning, version of , the series sees the doctors perform your standard vanity procedures—boob jobs, liposuction, facelifts—but also paints them as innovators in their field, largely due to Sean’s medical expertise.

Christian, on the other hand, is in this business for the women; when he’s not in surgery, he’s often out trolling the city’s nightlife scene for new patients.

You may find yourself rolling your eyes at the ridiculousness of it all, yet you’ll stay tuned in just to see what the show’s creators will think of next—and to be comforted by the fact that the show is absolutely reveling in its own vapidity.

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