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In 2006, they released a holiday album, and their 2007 album, Insomniatic featured the Top 20 single Potential Breakup Song.Aly Michalka said her sister gets along with pretty much anyone, and I really look up to her. When she was 16, Aly said about college: [Its] obviously something that Ive thought about a little bit, but Im so happy with what Im doing now and I feel like college is an avenue for you to find what you want to do, what you want to have as your career, finding yourself as a person.

Christian Playing the role of Keely Teslow in the Disney Channel original series Phil of the Future, as Marti Perkins in the CW television drama Hellcats.

It was something I took very seriously and I loved it.

Its something that I never would have thought I would involve in my work as an actress.

It is about 46 minutes long and features 14 tracks. American sitcom Phil of the Future, which features Aly in a lead role as Keely Teslow.

A 2005 Disney Channel Original Movie Now You See It… The show was aired for 2 seasons from 2004 to 2006. She does her workouts and exercise with him four to five days a week and does primarily kickboxing, and martial arts.

I need somebody who can make me laugh and entertain me.

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