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Our first hour on the road was pretty uneventful, just chatting about the week in general.

Then once we were about 5 miles outside of Boston my wife was looking outside the window and suddenly yelped that a trucker was trying to look at her tits while staying on the side of us.

Unfortunately this guy ended up turning off the highway, but not before waving to me and giving the thumbs up sign.It had been two weeks since the last time we had made love due to all the running around with work, kids activities and so on. Friday came and as I drove up in the yard I noticed that our blazer wasn’t home.On the table was a note that she was bringing the kids to my parent’s and that she would be ready to go when she returned.well my first instinct was to be really pissed off, but I could see she was excited, not upset about the looks coming down though the window.Now although I always thought Ali’s ass was her greatest feature, her tits are very firm and just beg to be sucked.I told her that, “Whatever happens, I’ll never hold any of this against you, and I love you.” She then kissed me deep and said, “You better stay with me if anything happens.” Right about that time the two guys started approaching the truck and came up to my window, I rolled it down and when they looked in they got the shock of there lives!

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