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It was to house the skills of all of the world's best super spies.

The project was deemed too dangerous, was scrapped and the materials to be destroyed, but Gregorio couldn't destroy the brain.

Although he tries, Juni cannot destroy the Brain, and the androids got it as they fly away.

With the Third Brain, Floop can achieve his goal, but he wishes to continue his children's show.

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Juni crashes the plane into the water, and the two swim into the castle.Gradenko orders the house to be dismantled, and Juni sees Thumb-Thumbs outside destroying the submarine.Gradenko's intentions revealed, Juni accidentally exposes the Third Brain, and a chase ensues with Carmen and some henchmen with Buddy Packs.Machete busts through the window, and joins the family to fight. With the children on their side, the family heads home.With advice from Juni, Floop introduces the android children on his show.Minion takes Ingrid and Gregorio to the "Fooglilizer." Gregorio reveals that Minion used to work for the OSS, however Minion was thrown out thanks to Gregorio turning him in, when discovering Minion's intent to input his own ideas concerning the Third Brain.

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