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Advanced Landscapes Art Techniques – A18202 Thursday, – pm Sunny Slope John Rhoden, Instructor Enrollment limited to TWELVE students.

Materials required with estimated costs: Fine touch acrylic paint (4 oz.

*Dong Shang is a native of China and has a degree in art.

An art designer, she immigrated to the United States, where she has worked as a freelance artist and an art teacher.

fee, payable to Dong, for the purchase of a Chinese painting kit that includes rice paper, three brushes, ink, and Chinese water colors.

This hands-on course is an introduction to Chinese brush painting and calligraphy.

Learn about Trump policies in Asia, China's rise, Japan's new confidence, North Korea and its nuclear weapons, South Korea's global engagement, and other issues. Birding Basics – A18205 Monday, – am Sunny Slope Bill Deutsch, Instructor Enrollment limited to FIFTEEN students. As we read this book, we will explore the events of the spring of 1968 and discuss how we were challenged and shaped by then. She is a retired nurse with a love for listening to and learning from others while exploring key events in each of our lives. He pastored the church until 2008, when he retired. Case Studies in Current Climate Change – A18208 Monday, – pm Pebble Hill David Newton, Instructor Enrollment limited to FIFTY students.Chinese Culture and Travel: Silk Road Adventures – A18210 Monday, – am Sunny Slope Douglas Coutts and Dong Shang, Instructors Enrollment limited to TWENTY-FIVE students.April 2, 9, 16, 23 (four class sessions) The Silk Road was the global internet of its day - For the first part of the course (weeks one and two) Prof. He is an occasional guest lecturer and speaker at Auburn University.Classroom time will be used to talk about the natural history of birds, bird identification by sight and ear, identification aids, attracting birds around the home, and local birding locations. Bill Deutsch is an aquatic ecologist who enjoys birding as a hobby. Workable solutions to the problems faced are also presented.Most class time will be spent birding in the Auburn area at local parks and nature centers. He has birded in Alabama, other parts of the US, and in several countries with an emphasis on natural history of birds and bird photography. The programs are hosted by well-known public figures who are concerned about what has occurred, and will continue occurring, unless we act without delay.Since his retirement, he has trained with local artists.

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