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Part 1 The architecture - B Lowe, S A Harrison and M Thurlby Somerset Archaeology, 2004 - C J Webster Building recording in 2004 - Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group Book Reviews - edited by Stephen Croad Ecology in Somerset - edited by Pat Hill Cottingham Taming a wetland wilderness: Romano-British and medieval reclamation in the Somerset Levels and Moors - Stephen Rippon Unique, unrivalled and disappearing. - Richard Brunning The irrigation of the Levels - Francis Farr-Cox Water and wildlife on the Levels - Martin Drake The plant life of ditches on the Levels - Stephanie Greshon Ecology and conservation of the Lesser Silver Water Beetle Hydrochara Caraboides on the Levels - David Boyce Conservation of a rare snail Segmentina Nitida Shining Ram's Horn: problems and possible solutions - Pat Hill-Cottingham What future for the Somerset Levels and Moors?

Lorraine Mepham and Chris J Stevens An early medieval estate in the Isle valley of south Somerset and the early endowments of Muchelney Abbey - Mick Aston Excavation of an early medieval site at Brent Knoll, Somerset - Donna E Y Young Kelston in Domesday Book - F R Thorn Former medieval open fields in the eastern Blackdowns - Roger W Carter Excavation of an early medieval site at West Wick, Weston-super-Mare - Kelly Powell Two recently discovered Civil War hoards from Somerset - Naomi Payne Wrought iron windows in Somerset - John Mc Cann From Taunton to the Pyrenees: the Revd William Arthur Jones and the early days of the Society - David Rabson Shorter Papers: The context and significance of a Palaeolithic hand-axe from Winscombe - Phil Harding and Mick Aston Prehistoric standing stones in Banwell - Nick Corcos and Bob Smisson The story of a stone adze from Winscombe parish - Mick Aston The silver siliquae from Green Cutting, Kingshams, Ilchester - James Gerrard St Michael's Church, Seavington: archaeologcal excavation of the nave and chancel - Alan Graham A Medieval English hand 'reliquary' from Glastonbury Abbey? Webster Ecology in Somerset edited by Pat Hill-Cottingham A practical assessment of the limitations of the Predictive System for Multimetrics ((PSYM) approach to pond classification - Pat Hill-Cottingham and Anthony Godwin Smith Uresiphita reversalis (Guenee, 1854) (LEP: Pyralidae) new to British Isles and possibly Europe - Tony Davis and Doug Miller Book reviews Obituaries: Mrs S Rawlins - R W Dunning John R B S Penoyre - Mark Mc Dermott Additions to the Library 2006 - David Bromwich Some articles of Somerset interest in non-Somerset periodicals received during 2006 - David Bromwich SANHS Officers and Administration Medieval domestic and church roofs in Somerset - Mark Mc Dermott Excavation of a Romano-British farmstead at RNAS Yeovilton - Julie Lovell Polydore Vergil's hangings in the quire of Wells Cathedral - Oliver Harris Excavation and geophysical survey of the Roman settlement at Charterhouse on Mendip - Alex T Smith and Richard Brown The Somerset Dendrochronology Project: phases 5 and 6 - Mark Mc Dermott Building recording in 2005 - Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group Romano-British, late Saxon and medieval remains at Cheddar: excavations in 2001 - Derek Evans and Annette Hancocks Keynsham Abbey excavations 1961-91 Final Report.

- T F Hopkinson-Ball Building recording in 2008 - The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2008 - Naomi Payne and Anna Booth Book reviews edited by Stephen Croad Somerset archaeology, 2008 edited by C J Webster Ecology in Somerset: Tributes to Pat Hill-Cottingham Hoverfly report - Dave and Ted Levy Book reviews Proceedings of the Society Additions to the Library and articles from non-Somerset periodicals relevant to Somerset - David Bromwich Associated Societies 2007-8 Contents of recent SANHS volumes Index - Peter Ellis Shapwick, Domesday Book and the Polden Estate - F. Thorn Iron Age, medieval and recent activity at Whitegate Farm, Bleadon, North Somerset - Donna E. Young Woolston Manor Farm, North Cadbury: an outline report of fieldwork in 2006-7 by the South Cadbury Environs Project - Richard Tabor The Fransiscan Friary and Civil War defences at Friarn Meadows, Bridgwater - James Wright and Armour Chelu The bishop and the guild: the Wells cisis of 1341-3 - Tony Scrase The Fosse Way and other Roman roads around Bath: excavations and interpretations since 1997 - Peter Davenport An early medieval secular and ecclesiastical estate: the origins of the parish of Winscombe in North Somerset - Mick Aston and Michael Costen Clicket, a co-location of habitation - Richard Sandover The west Somerset woollen trade, 1500-1714 - Philip Ashford Shorter papers: A Carthusian grange at Green Ore on Mendip - Pip Osborne A prehistoric wooden artifact from the Axe valley - Nick Corcos Lithic finds from Larkbarrow Farm, Exmoor - Richard Mc Donnell A medieval seal matrix from Baltonsborough - T F Hopkinson-Ball Building recording in 2007 - The Somerset Vernacular Building Research Group Finds reported to the Portable Antiquities Scheme in 2007 - Naomi Payne Book reviews edited by Stephen Croad Somerset archaeology, 2007 edited by T S Bagwell and C J Webster Ecology in Somerset edited by Pat Hill-Cottingham Overlapping footprints: gauging threats from development - M. Part II: summary and review - Barbara Lowe The Introduction of the Brown Rat (Ratus Norvegicus) - John Mc Cann A late medieval screen fragment from Glastonbury Abbey - T F Hopkinson-Ball Medieval remains at Downs Farm, Walton - Peter Leach Priddy Hill, Mendip - Brian Hack Book Reviews - edited by Stephen Croad Somerset Archaeology - C J Webster and T L Bagwell Ecology in Somerset - edited by Pat Hill Cottingham The changing flora of Somerset: the retreat of cold-climate plants - Linda Carter Native Orthopteroids in Somerset: risk of loss - Mark Anderson Freshwater Mollusca in Somerset: risk of loss - Pat Hill Cottingham Climate change and the Long-winged Cone-head - Mark Anderson Hoverflies - Ted Levy and Dave Levy An alien flatworm kontika ventrolineata recorded in Somerset - Pat Hill Cottingham Book Reviews Professor Leslie Alcock - memories of Cadbury Castle: an obituary Bradley Hill, Somerset, and the end of Roman Britain: a study in continuity?

The author should indicate whether the paper is eligible for grant-aid.

The Editor will consider whether they wish to accept the proposed paper and explore the matter further with the author or their nominated agent subject to refereeing or to refuse the proposal. Milton Excavations on Iron Age and Romano-British settlements at Cannards Grave, Shepton Mallet - Vaughan Birbeck Bourne and Burrington: a Burnantun estate?

Taylor Stoney Littleton long barrow: archaeological investigations and observations 1999- 2000 - Alan Thomas Archaeological survey work at Larkbarrow Farm - Elaine Jamieson Somerset Building Stone - a guide - Hugh Prudden Medieval archaeological features at Church Street, Milborne Port - Alex T.

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